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Thank you to everyone who have supported us since our inception. We will be moving to our new site in the coming months. So please check it out at: We will be migrating all the content over, so you don't have to worry about losing anything.


Here you can find links to resources mentioned in the articles on this site.


Click Here to download Xen Server

Virtual Box:

Click Here to download Virtual Box Virtual Box is a free virtualization product where you can run Servers or Workstations on your desktop Computer. This varies from VMWare server in that as soon as you close Virtual Box, your virtual machine stops running.

VMWare Server:

Click Here to download VMWare Server VMWare Server is a good way to virtualize servers or workstations when you don't want to dedicate a machine to virtualization, but you want to ensure your virtual machines are always running in the background.


Click Here to download ESXi ESXi Is a free version of ESX. ESXi has some limitations, but is a good way to virtualize an environment that does not require the more advanced features of ESX.


Click Here to Download CDBurnXP CDBurn XP is a free application for burning CD's and DVD's on Windows.

Microsoft Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA)

Click Here to Download Microsoft SUA.  Previously referred to as Services for Unix (SFU)  SUA allows you to integrate windows systems with various Unix/Linux systems.

Server 2008 R2:

Click Here To Download an Evaluation copy of Server 2008 R2  This will allow you to experiment with some of the content on this site.

Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCL)

VMWare -